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January 23rd, 2009

hi,im at school right now (my friends say hi lol) byez

always remember

September 7th, 2008

Forgive and forget is not a term you would usually hear directed towards the subject of 9-11. We will always remember the tragic happenings on that Tuesday morning. We all prayed and hoped that our families, and friends are okay. Many were lost and few were saved but for the police, firemen, and many others we thank you. We fought our way to freedom and now we should be proud of the injured, the lost and mostly the believers. There will come a day we will look back and see just how we felt. Our country still fights for our safety, dignity, pride, and freedom and we thank our troops for keeping our country running. I would like to thank anyone that helped in the 9-11 happenings or  the troops over.




August 23rd, 2008

hi everyone whats up i just went back to school, Guess what….. i got the highest grade in my class!!!!!!!!!!! YaY lol, gosh it’s been soo busy lately with school, homework, the boys, and just everything!!! but yesterday was my moms B-day so happy birthday to her and my birthdays coming up on the 11th of september….. and oh my gosh my allergys are kicking my butt!!!!! i havnt been sleeping and its starting to effect my school work, well i gotta go bye! -_- :-)


May 17th, 2008

hey sorry i haven’t been writing its just been HECTIC…………….OMG my bro just graduated and thats good but dang we have soooooooooooooooo much to do!!!!!

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March 27th, 2008

David Archuleta


February 16th, 2008

we finally  made a blog site 4 every1!!!!!!!!!!YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-}